therapyExpat Psychologist

An Expat Greek Psychologist with a valid psychological licence and expertise in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology. I provide my assistance to people who feel distress and discomfort with their personal relationships, career, studies, family, finances and/or adjustment to a foreign country.  Life can be extremely demanding, especially when you are an expat. All these factors can impact our self-esteem, emotions and mood in alternative ways.

online therapyWhy here?

Being an Expat myself, I have come across the same difficulties as you do. My personal goal is to support you find the most appropriate solution to the problems you are facing with a strong empathy, without judgments or discriminations. You set up your goals, and I guide you reaching them. 3 types of services are offered here: 1)Individual and Couple Treatment, 2) Education, through Seminars, 3) Constant Learning, through Psyblog. I provide high quality services with reasonable and affordable prices, approachable for all parties. The overall cost can be discussed and lowered for students and unemployed individuals who seek advice. I love what I do, I love working with people, this is who I am, and I want to invite you all to join me and learn more about Psychology.

indiv therapyIndividual Treatment

This type of therapy can be useful for people who are seeking support for dealing with anxiety, emotional difficulties, eating disorders, personality disorders, neurobiological syndromes and degenerative disorders, children issues, professional and career councelling, or living-abroad-situations. My approach is a combination of the Systemic Approach, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychotherapy, assigned to each person’s biological and psychological states. Please click here to read more about the relevant services.

couple therapyCouple’s Therapy

This type of therapy can be useful for couples in their attempt to recognize and to better manage repeating and dysfunctional patterns of behavior established in their relationship. The focus of the therapy is to identify which are the needs of both parties and how to discover new stragedies and techniques “here and now” to cope with change for re-establishing the trust and respect within their relationship.



I am mostly interested not only in your progress, but also in your personal learning. This is what truly makes the difference in someone’s progress.  For this reason, I conduct experiencial learning seminars, in order you to get informed about different topics affecting our mood uncosnciously, while at the same time you will actively participate, by knowing your own norms. For already clients, a seminar discount is possible. Do you have more questions? Please click here.

coachingCoaching and Self-Development

  • Performance Coaching
  • Skills Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Personal or Life Coaching



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